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The CleveTet with Cleve Huff,  Mike Collins, Dwight Kilian, and  Elliot Ventimiglia swings again at The Nash, 110 E Roosevelt St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004




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A New Power in Classic Jazz

The CleveTet brings a new power in Classic Jazz to small venues in the Valley of the Sun.


CleveTet founder Cleve Huff has put together an outstanding ensemble of four top jazz musicians in the Phoenix area playing straight up, acoustic jazz. Locking into Cleve’s flexible drumming, Dwight Killian provides a unique bass line, while Mike Collins  provides his inimitable style to the keyboards. Elliot Ventimiglia wails, carresses and cajoles listeners with his artistry on the saxaphone.











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The CleveTet Performing at The Nash

Mike Collins on Piano, Elliot Ventimiglia on Sax, Dwight Killian on Bass and Cleve Huff on Drums making magic with classic acoustic jazz tunes.

The CleveTet Previously Performing at Fireside Grill

Dennis Monce on Trumpet, Selwyn Reams on Bass and Cleve Huff on Drums swinging smooth with a groove at Fountain Hills’ Fireside Grill.